Project Brazil-crop

Agrologistics and postharvest in Brazil

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Project: Agrologistics and postharvest in Brazil

Status: Finalized

Start: 1 January 2014

End: 31 December 2014

Commissioning party:
TopSector AgriFood

Postharvest Network

Organizations involved:
Agricultural counsellor Dutch Embassy Brasilia

Brazil is one of the BRIC countries due to its rapid economic growth in the past decade, the fast growing and demanding middle class and the huge interest in advanced logistics of agri-food products. This growth visibly has created challenges for the postharvest and logistics system of Brazil.

As a result there is an unreliable supply of products, low quality of products, plus a loss of quality in the supply chain. This trend has become commonplace in Brazil. Even further, this coincides with weak links in the value chain, lack of logistics standards and economic losses. Overall, the horticulture sector in Brazil has three big challenges:

  1. Availability of quality, fresh and adapted fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers.
  2. Postharvest quality assurance in the value chain.
  3. Knowledge and expertise to improve agro logistics and postharvest processes.

Clearly Brazil’s challenges cannot be solved by one single party. Collaboration between various concerned parties was a must. In this project, we unified the involved members with a central aim of creating a consortium that spreads awareness of the current problems. The consortium formulated an innovation and research program with set priorities. Simultaneously, the members made a connection to the Dutch Postharvest Network to find the right solutions in a fast way.