Improving proper storage solutions for groundnuts in Ghana

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Project: Not in a vacuum: improving the use of proper storage solutions for groundnuts in Ghana

Status: Running

Start: 1 February 2017

End: 1 October 2017

Commissioning party: Edanso

Partners: vQm

Organizations involved: BoP Innovation Center

In Ghana, on average 35% of the total food produced is lost due to poor post-harvest practices. Groundnuts are an important crop in Ghana, being a source of profit and contributing to food security. Edanso Ltd sources groundnuts from the local market and processes it semi-manually in peanut butter for hotels and restaurants and other individual consumers. Due to the lack of proper storage facilities (now simple open storage in jute bags) molds and aflatoxins easily multiply. Affected groundnuts are sold on the market for 30-50% less than normal price, rather than being processed. Long term storage would also allow Edanso to buy in low season when prices are 50% lower than high season.


Edanso is looking for improved, small scale storage solutions that can contribute to minimizing the spread of molds and aflatoxins. Through the Food Connection Challenge, Edanso got in touch with Dutch company vQm that can offer solutions in the form of vacuumed bags. Students already developed a basic business case for use of these bags, and there is a willingness with Edanso to invest in the bags and also serve as demonstration center to other nearby groundnut processors and farmers.


Edanso will pilot the introduction of a vacuumed bags storing system with bags from vQm. This pilot has been financed among others with a voucher of Postharvest Network. Based on the outcome of the pilot, Edanso will decide on which scale the solution will be implemented. During this pilot, Edanso will also be open for receiving visitors (other processors/farmers). The pilot will be supported by local staff of BoPinc as well as by experts from vQm.


The introduction of the vacuum storage system at Edanso and outreach activities to other processors and farmers is expected to lead to increased volumes of peanut butter processed per year and increased and more stable revenues for producers and for the processing company. It will lead to minimized losses of groundnut and expected savings of 6000 cedi (1400 EUR) per season by Edanso.