Opportunities for agro chain development in Cambodia

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Project: Opportunities for agro chain development in Cambodia, specifically for fruit, vegetables and spices

Status: Completed

Start: January 2016

End: May 2016

Commissioning party: Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Directorate Knowledge

Partners: Postharvest Network, Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research

Organizations involved: Netherlands Embassy in Cambodia, Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia

On request of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Directorate Knowledge, members of the Postharvest Network are executing an independent scan on opportunities for agro chain development in Cambodia, specifically for fruits, vegetables and spices.

The main project question is: Which opportunities in Cambodia exist concerning processing, and value chain optimization, of fruits, vegetables and spices and do barriers exist that interfere with these opportunities?

Special focus is on opportunities for Dutch parties. The work consisted of a literature scan, field trip and situation analysis and relates to Cambodia only. The public report will be input for any government, company or NGO that contributes or is intending to contribute to the optimization of value chains, or to make use of processing opportunities, related to fruits, vegetables or spices produced in Cambodia.

A press release about the visit of the Dutch delegation was published online in the Agence Kampuchea Presse.


The most important recommendations related to opportunities for Dutch parties are:

  • Cambodia strongly needs:
    • food safety control facilities;
    • food quality control centres (including refrigerated storage); and
    • other services that can arrange market-driven development of agro-food production.

Dutch suppliers could deliver hard- and software for such developments. However, capital is lacking in Cambodia and added-value creation for safe foods is far from obvious.

  • Developing an export chain to Europe for fruits, vegetables or spices would require an upgrade of agricultural production and logistic system to meet the European safety standards. At the moment, no (significant) fruits and vegetable processing industries exist in Cambodia.
  • Connecting to the tourism sector and upper class consumers in the metropoles seems most promising. However, this cannot be realized through supporting just one category of actors in the agro-food system. Co-developing awareness in the market, logistic chain, facilities for quality management and control, and agricultural practices will be essential.