Postharvest presentation to Thai delegation

Heike Axmann (coordinator of the Postharvest Network) and Eelke Westra (senior scientist Postharvest at Wageningen University & Research) gave a presentation last month on Postharvest Losses and Food Waste to a Thai delegation from the Deputy Director General. Thailand is geographically well positioned to export products into the Asian market. However, supplying the international instead of the domestic market means that lead times to the final market increase and therefore longer shelf life of the product is required. This might go along with the need to grow different varieties, change the moment of harvest, and/or the transport and packaging conditions.

Much interest was shown by the Thai delegation in the mobile research station called ‘Cool research on the Move’. The ‘Cool research on the Move’ is a 40 ft transportable container which can be shipped to any place in the world so that research can be done directly at source. The Postharvest Network can help to optimize production and supply so that products are ‘ready to enjoy’ when they arrive.