India Pilot Study shows how cold chain can reduce food loss

The huge potential of India’s perishables export market has been highlighted by a new kinnow study showing a 76% reduction in food wastage when using pre-cooling and refrigerated transport equipment.

The pilot study, funded by Carrier, examined the extent to which the cold chain can help increase the quality, reach and profitability of kinnow, a citrus fruit rich in micronutrients and common to the Punjab region of India and Pakistan, by enabling sales out-of-season and in distant markets. This is an area of critical importance to India, which is the world’s second largest producer of fruits and vegetables but accounts for just 1.5 percent of global produce exports due to losses of up to 20-50 percent of total production.

Results of the pilot study on kinnow, commissioned by Carrier, show that investment in the cold chain – specifically pre-cooling and transport refrigeration equipment – can reduce food loss by 76 percent and carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (CO2E) by 16 percent.

Please follow this link to read Carrier’s article about the pilot study.

Please follow this link to download the pilot report “Cold Chain Development for Fruits & Vegetables in India – Kinnow Cold Chain Study”.