26 Jan 2017 – Dutch National Food Summit

The Postharvest Network participates in the National Food Summit. In this Food Summit four Dutch Ministers and 150 CEO’s of Dutch companies will discuss and commit themselves to an action programme aiming at (amongst others) reducing food waste and food losses.

The Dutch National Food Summit takes place in The Hague on January 26, 2017. Please find below some information in Dutch and visit the website for further details.

Hoe zorgen we voor genoeg voedsel? Hoe kan voedsel veilig, gezond en duurzaam zijn? En hoe blijft Nederland voorop lopen in productie, kwaliteit en kennis? Dat zijn belangrijke vragen van deze tijd.

De vragen staan centraal tijdens de Nationale Voedseltop op donderdag 26 januari 2017 in Den Haag. De top is een initiatief van staatssecretaris van Dam (Economische Zaken), minister Schippers (Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport), minister Ploumen (Buitenlandse Handel en Ontwikkelingssamenwerking) en staatssecretaris Dijksma (Infrastructuur en Milieu).


Event Info

Event: Dutch National Food Summit

When: 26 January 2017

Where: The Hague, the Netherlands

Organizer: Dutch Government

Website: http://www.voedselagenda.nl/voedseltop/


22 Nov 2016 – Seminar on agri-food chain in India

Over the last 6 years, a group of Dutch agro-food companies have been working together in a consortium by the name FoodTechHolland (FTH) to explore and innovate Indian agro-food value chains. During a seminar on November 22, the companies of FTH and Indian counterparts will share their experiences on doing business in India.

The seminar will be opened by Mr. Freek Vossenaar, head of the Agro Business Development Unit India of the ministry of Economic Affairs. The development of professional supply and cold chains is of crucial importance for the development of the agri-food sector in India. As such, the keynote speaker for the event is  Mr. Pawanexh Kohli, CEO and Chief Advisor of the National Centre for Cold-chain Development (NCCD). He will present his latest research report on the capacity of the cold chain sector. The third speaker is Mr. Sumit Saran, head of international foods of Future Consumer Enterprise Limited  (part of Future Group) one of the largest retailers in India. He will  present on the Indian opportunity and the way to tap into it.

The event will take place in Zeist on Tuesday November 22, and start at 14:30. You can register through info@larive.com. More information on the program and event will then be shared with you by November 15. For further information please contact Linda Romijn through linda.romijn@larive.com or call (+31) 030 693 32 21.

Event Info

Event: Opportunities and challenges in agri-food chains in India: Lessons learned by FoodTechHolland

When: 22 November 2016

Where: Zeist, the Netherlands

Organizer: Larive International, project manager of FoodTechHolland

Website: http://www.foodtechholland.com/2012-05-22-14-54-47/211-seminar-india


4 Nov 2016 – Workshop The Future for Food Systems

Wageningen University & Research and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) co-organize the experts workshop ‘The Future for Food Systems’ . The workshop takes place on Friday November 4, 2016 at Hof van Wageningen, Wageningen, the Netherlands.

The aim of this workshop is to support systematic food systems research as an analytical and policy device. This implies that we search for a practical but comprehensive operational definition of Food Systems, based on a clear understanding of its internal and external dynamics (drivers, constraints, connections). In order to support the analytical purpose of food system, the workshop will identify some guiding principles for the interdisciplinary and interactive food systems analysis. Finally, we expect to derive some common insights regar­ding the effectiveness of policy instruments and incentives for healthier and sustainable diets.

Food systems innovations
The audience of the workshop consists of Dutch and international researchers involved in food system analysis, CGIAR partners, and policy makers, as well as participants from the private sector and civil society organizations that are involved in food system innovations.

The role of food system analysis
The one-day workshop is structured as follows. In the morning there are three invited keynote presentations that set the stage for food systems analysis. In the early afternoon, we organize open space workshops that provide opportunities to share practical examples of food systems research. Finally, we conclude with a plenary panel discussion with representatives from public and private sector to assess the role of food system analysis for policy and practice.

Global Food & Nutrition Security
The workshop is organized within the framework of the Wageningen University & Research strategic research program on Global Food & Nutrition Security (GF&NS) and marks the start of the Wageningen-led flagship ‘Food Systems for Healthier Diets’ that forms part of the CGIAR program Agriculture for Nutrition & Health (A4NH).

More information and Registration
Contribution and participation in this workshop is highly appreciated. For more information and registration (open till October 15, 2016) visit the workshop website.

Event Info

Event: Workshop The Future for Food Systems

When: 04 November 2016

Where: Wageningen, the Netherlands

Organizer: IFPRI and Wageningen UR

Website: http://www.wur.nl/nl/activiteit/IFPRI-Workshop-The-Future-for-Food-Systems-.htm


20 Oct 2016 – Side Event #44 CFS 43

Urbanization, growing world population and rising middle classes: (Mega) cities need more and  more supply of healthy fresh food. What role do FLW play in shaping efficient and sustainable urban  food systems?

During the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) Plenary Session 43, the Postharvest Network is co-organizing a Side Event, entitled “Food losses and waste in the context of metropolitan food and nutrition security”.

This Side Event #44 takes place on 20 October 2016 from 13:00 till 14:30 at the FAO Headquarters in Rome. It is co-organized by the Postharvest Network, Wageningen University & research, CCAFS, the Dutch Ministries of Economic and Foreign Affairs and FAO.

Background information
The growing world population, urbanization and growing middle classes will increase already existing challenges for metropolitan food and nutrition security. The supply of (mega) cities with healthy and fresh products needs robust and efficient supply chains in order to provide sufficient food in good quality and for affordable prices.

Surrounding rural areas will be key for supplying cities and strong urban-rural linkages are needed in order to come to solutions. The urban-rural transformation has a significant impact on this development.

Food losses and waste are a significant indicator of inefficient food systems and without interventions these will only increase leading to even more losses in social (food security), economic (loss of profit) and ecological (impact on resource use) respect.

Building further on recommendations from the HLPE report #8 ‘Food losses and waste in the context of sustainable food systems’ and in cooperation with UNEP we will present an outline on what the future of metropolitan food and nutrition security could look like and which role the reduction of food losses and waste will play. The discussion will explore examples of good practices, possible interventions, monitoring tools, and the role of governmental players, private sector, knowledge institutions and civil society.

13.00 – Ms Nina Waldhauer, Project Manager Supply Chain Management, Wageningen University & Research.
Topic: The global challenge of metropolitan food security: How to translate into local solutions?

13.10 – Mr Guido Santini, Programme Coordinator – Food for the Cities Programme, Rural and urban crop and mechanization systems (AGPML), FAO.
Ms Camelia Bucatariu, Technical Officer (Food Waste), Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction (SAVE FOOD), Nutrition and Food Systems Division (ESN), FAO
Topic: City Region Food Systems and Food Waste Management: Linking Urban and Rural Areas for Sustainable and Resilient Development.

13.20 – Ms Larissa Uwase, Chief Operations Officer & Co-founder, Carl Group Ltd.
Topic: The role of innovations in reducing food losses and wastes for sustainable urban food systems

Moderator: Mr Hans Hoogeveen, Netherlands Representative to the FAO

Interaction and discussion with the audience.

Download the flyer of the CFS 43 Side Event “Food losses and waste in the context of metropolitan food and nutrition security”.

Event Info

Event: Food losses and waste in the context of metropolitan food and nutrition security

When: 20 October 2016

Where: Rome, Italy

Organizer: Postharvest Network, Wageningen University & research, CCAFS, the Dutch Ministries of Economic and Foreign Affairs and FAO

Website: http://www.fao.org/fileadmin/templates/cfs/CFS43/CFS43_Side-Event-Guide.pdf


12-25 Oct 2016 – Dutch Agri Food Week

The Dutch Agri Food Week is the ultimate national stage that focuses on food and food production. Various parties from the agri-food sector will all be participating in the Dutch Agri Food Week, sharing their enthusiasm, knowledge and skills with society. Farmers, businesses from the supply and processing industry, government and scientists will all show how they are working to ensure the availability of safe and healthy food for us and later, for the global population of 9 billion people. The cooperative partners are: Agrifood Capital, Food Valley NL, Greenport Westland-Oostland and Brightlands Greenport Venlo, with support from  the Agri & Food top sector.

The Dutch AgriFood Week will be showcasing the latest innovations in food and food production, and explaining why this modern and international sector offers plenty of opportunities for education and employment, as well as business and investment. We demonstrate why the agri-food sector is not only the most productive, but also an extremely innovative sector in the Netherlands. We will also show how the parties work together on sustainable food systems now and in the future. This new annual event is designed for anyone with an interest in food and food production, both professionals and consumers.

Event Info

Event: Dutch Agri Food Week

When: 12-25 October 2016

Where: The Netherlands

Organizer: Dutch Agri Food Week

Website: http://dutchagrifoodweek.nl/en/partners


11-14 Oct 2016 – Course Postharvest Technology

Are you looking for an update on the latest technologies for storage, packaging and handling of fresh horticultural products? Would you like to broaden and deepen your knowledge of the biology of postharvest development, ripening and deterioration? Then this course might be something for you. 35% of all harvested crops is lost during storage and distribution.

The increasing globalisation of both the fresh produce and ornamental sectors necessitates long-term transport and the demand for high quality products stresses the need for innovative and sustainable postharvest technologies. Prevention of postharvest losses therefore is of major importance for global food and nutritional security.

You can download a PDF with the flyer here and the detailed course programme here.

You can subscribe for the course online.

Event Info

Event: Postharvest technology course

When: 11-14 October 2016

Where: Wageningen, The Netherlands

Organizer: Wageningen Academy

Website: http://www.wageningenur.nl/en/Education-Programmes/wageningenacademy-1/Expertises/Plant-1/show/Postharvest-technology-course-Wageningen.htm


23 Sep 2016 – Food Connection Challenge Kick-Off

On September 23, 2016, the Food Connection Challenge will be kicked-off in Utrecht. Crosswise Works and BoP Innovation Center initiated this business-student challenge in May 2016 and aimed to bring together Ghanaian companies, Dutch students and Dutch companies to work on fit-to-purpose solutions for postharvest food losses in Ghana.

On Friday September 23 the companies and the students will meet for the first time and further explore the different post-harvest loss cases of the Ghanaian companies. During the kick-off different experts, also from the Postharvest Network, will talk about the challenges related to decreasing post-harvest losses, the Ghanaian context and the role of the Dutch private sector in agri-business in Ghana.

The Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) has awarded a grant to organize the Food Connection Challenge. The Challenge centres around reducing postharvest losses experienced by agri-food businesses in Ghana, through the use of existing technology developed in the Netherlands which will be adapted to the local context.

Event Info

Event: Food Connection Challenge Kick-Off

When: 23 September 2016

Where: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Organizer: Crosswise Works & BoP Innovation Center


21-24 June 2016 – VIII International Postharvest Symposium

The VIII International Postharvest Symposium is a worldwide meeting, which will be held in Cartagena, Region of Murcia, Spain, in June 21-24, 2016. Its subject “Enhancing supply chain and consumer benefits: ethical and technological issues” reflects quite well the priorities that have already considered as the most important. Today a sustainable technology based on just and liable principles is the greatest challenging issue in all regions of the world.

The previous Postharvest Symposiums attracted many attendees. This year, the Symposium will have as hallmark highly renowned speakers who will analyze, share and discuss new developments and scientific advances that will affect the future of our field of interest.

You can download a PDF with the Preliminary Programme here.

You can register through the online registration system.

Event Info

Event: VIII International Postharvest Symposium

When: 21-24 June 2016

Where: Cartagena, Spain

Organizer: ISHS

Website: http://www.verticesur.es/congresos/POSTHARVEST2016/index.php


25-26 May 2016 – Launch Event F&A Next

F&A Next is the first European platform for investors, startups and scale-ups in the food and agricultural domain. Established by leading experts in the Netherlands, the hub of Europe’s agri-food sector, the platform will be launched at a two-day event this May at Wageningen Campus in the Netherlands.

Often at the cutting edge of innovation, startups take unconventional approaches to the major issues of our day. Yet, however bright the ideas, financing is frequently a major obstacle to success. F&A Next will bring high potential startups from the food and agricultural industry together with potential investors, serving as a springboard to greater innovation and a better (business) deal for all.

Launch Event

On 25 & 26 May 2016, the campus of Wageningen UR will be buzzing with start-ups and investors in food and agriculture (F&A).

F&A Next is an initiative of Wageningen UR, Rabobank, FoodValley NL and Startlife. The event aims to facilitate and increase investments in start-ups and scale-ups (start-ups with proven concepts that are ready to scale-up) in Food and Agriculture technology in the Netherlands.

25 May – early stage startups

In the afternoon of Wednesday May 25, early stage startups are invited to pitch their propositions to a seasoned jury. Investors and corporates interested in early stage startups are welcome to join as well.

26 May – second stage startups

On Thursday May 26 there is a full day program with inspiring keynotes, interactive panel discussions and one-on-one meetings. For this day second stage startups, investors and corporates in food and agri are welcome to join.

Event Info

Event: Launch Event F&A Next

When: 25-26 May 2016

Where: Wageningen, The Netherlands

Organizer: Wageningen UR, Rabobank, FoodValley NL and Startlife

Website: www.fanext.nl/event/ (in English) https://www.wageningenur.nl/nl/nieuws/Startup-event-FA-Next (in Dutch)

21 April 2016 – UK Fruit & Vegetable Congress 2016

Registration is now open for The UK Fruit & Vegetable Congress 2016 – FPJ Live – with a number of new social elements adding to the popular mix of high-profile speakers and interactive debate.  The 2016 event takes place at the superb Belfry Hotel & Resort in Warwickshire on 21 April, and tickets include a free, informal ‘burger-and-beer’ style get-together at the venue the night before the event.

The UK Fruit & Vegetable Congress, supported by platinum sponsor NFU, is the number-one dedicated fresh produce conference in the calendar, bringing together the entire supply chain from growers to retailers, wholesalers and foodservice operators to discuss the future of the trade.

The theme of this year’s Congress will focus on Developing the Market & Consumers for the Future, with speakers from grower-suppliers to wholesalers, supermarkets and other relevant experts examining how to build fresh produce consumption, improve the marketing and promotion of fruit and vegetables in store and grow sales in the catering and foodservice markets.A range of attractive sponsorship packages are available to suit every budget. For further information visit fpjconferences.com.

Event Info

Event: The UK Fruit & Vegetable Congress

When: 21 April 2016

Where: Warwickshire, UK

Organizer: FPJ Conferences

Website: http://www.fpjconferences.com/home