4 Nov 2016 – Workshop The Future for Food Systems

Wageningen University & Research and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) co-organize the experts workshop ‘The Future for Food Systems’ . The workshop takes place on Friday November 4, 2016 at Hof van Wageningen, Wageningen, the Netherlands.

The aim of this workshop is to support systematic food systems research as an analytical and policy device. This implies that we search for a practical but comprehensive operational definition of Food Systems, based on a clear understanding of its internal and external dynamics (drivers, constraints, connections). In order to support the analytical purpose of food system, the workshop will identify some guiding principles for the interdisciplinary and interactive food systems analysis. Finally, we expect to derive some common insights regar­ding the effectiveness of policy instruments and incentives for healthier and sustainable diets.

Food systems innovations
The audience of the workshop consists of Dutch and international researchers involved in food system analysis, CGIAR partners, and policy makers, as well as participants from the private sector and civil society organizations that are involved in food system innovations.

The role of food system analysis
The one-day workshop is structured as follows. In the morning there are three invited keynote presentations that set the stage for food systems analysis. In the early afternoon, we organize open space workshops that provide opportunities to share practical examples of food systems research. Finally, we conclude with a plenary panel discussion with representatives from public and private sector to assess the role of food system analysis for policy and practice.

Global Food & Nutrition Security
The workshop is organized within the framework of the Wageningen University & Research strategic research program on Global Food & Nutrition Security (GF&NS) and marks the start of the Wageningen-led flagship ‘Food Systems for Healthier Diets’ that forms part of the CGIAR program Agriculture for Nutrition & Health (A4NH).

More information and Registration
Contribution and participation in this workshop is highly appreciated. For more information and registration (open till October 15, 2016) visit the workshop website.

Event: Workshop The Future for Food Systems

When: 04 November 2016

Where: Wageningen, the Netherlands

Organizer: IFPRI and Wageningen UR

Website: http://www.wur.nl/nl/activiteit/IFPRI-Workshop-The-Future-for-Food-Systems-.htm