4-7 Oct 2015 – International Congress on Postharvest Loss Prevention

This congress will assess the challenges associated with postharvest loss within the framework of metrics and measurements. The focus is to enable the development of better tools and interventions to prevent postharvest loss for smallholders in developing countries. The event will provide networking opportunities for professionals from academic, governments, non-governmental organizations, foundations, and private entities. This high-level coalition of diverse professionals will create a roadmap for postharvest loss prevention by formulating needs and plans for future actions towards a global consensus on measurement and mitigation approaches.

The proposed congress is a first-of-its kind, high-level forum on postharvest loss prevention. Participating partners and organizations will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, technologies, policies, and postharvest loss implementation issues, as well as formulate needs and plans for future actions.

The purpose of this international conference is to:

  1. raise awareness of the significance of postharvest losses with reference to global hunger issues,
  2. provide a common platform for the exchange of knowledge and information on the current status of postharvest loss interventions,
  3. share knowledge, information, and ideas on the adaptability of postharvest loss intervention plans, practices, and policies,
  4. share success stories and current initiatives from key partners in mitigating postharvest loss issues,
  5. create a global coalition for elevating and addressing immediate needs to solve postharvest loss problems,
  6. create partnerships for resource allocation and management for postharvest loss reduction,
  7. and develop action plans for mitigating postharvest losses.

Event: International Congress on Postharvest Loss Prevention

When: 4-7 October 2015

Where: Auditorium Antonianum – Rome, Italy

Organizer: CBiS and ESRC

Website: phlcongress.illinois.edu/