16 Nov 2017 – Food Waste 2017

New Food presents its inaugural one-day conference, “Food Waste: Reducing environmental impact and reaping business benefits”, on November 16, 2017 in Manchester, UK. This event pioneers the conversation on issues relating to food waste, from legislation to packaging and household trends.

The World wastes approximately one third of food produced. The global issue of Food Waste is one that needs to be addressed. Affecting everyone from consumer to government, food waste costs economies billions each year. With the UK wasting an equivalent of six meals every week, now is the time for action.

The event will also equip delegates with the strategies and techniques for measuring, monitoring and analysing supply chain to identify areas of food wastage.

Reasons to attend:

  • Learn how to arrive at practical solutions for your surplus food redistribution schemes
  • Identify proactive strategies on how to overcome barriers regarding consumer commitment to reducing food waste
  • Examine the EU legislation and what Brexit means for UK commitments and policies
  • Gain insight into sustainability implications at both food manufacturer and supply chain levels
  • Explore food waste reduction strategies throughout the supply chain

Event: Dutch showcases; supply chain management in agribusiness

When: 16 November 2017

Where: Manchester, UK

Organizer: New Food

Website: https://www.newfoodwaste.com/