12-25 Oct 2016 – Dutch Agri Food Week

The Dutch Agri Food Week is the ultimate national stage that focuses on food and food production. Various parties from the agri-food sector will all be participating in the Dutch Agri Food Week, sharing their enthusiasm, knowledge and skills with society. Farmers, businesses from the supply and processing industry, government and scientists will all show how they are working to ensure the availability of safe and healthy food for us and later, for the global population of 9 billion people. The cooperative partners are: Agrifood Capital, Food Valley NL, Greenport Westland-Oostland and Brightlands Greenport Venlo, with support from  the Agri & Food top sector.

The Dutch AgriFood Week will be showcasing the latest innovations in food and food production, and explaining why this modern and international sector offers plenty of opportunities for education and employment, as well as business and investment. We demonstrate why the agri-food sector is not only the most productive, but also an extremely innovative sector in the Netherlands. We will also show how the parties work together on sustainable food systems now and in the future. This new annual event is designed for anyone with an interest in food and food production, both professionals and consumers.

Event: Dutch Agri Food Week

When: 12-25 October 2016

Where: The Netherlands

Organizer: Dutch Agri Food Week

Website: http://dutchagrifoodweek.nl/en/partners