The Postharvest Network: Empowering Food Value

According to the FAO, close to one third of the world’s food is either lost or wasted before consumption. In developing and emerging countries, inefficiencies in the postharvest value chain such as cooling, storage, processing and transportation are the most significant causes of this loss. By reducing this waste amount, we could then make significant contributions to solving the world’s food problem. The Postharvest Network is an initiative by the Dutch Ministries of Economic Affairs and Foreign Affairs, Wageningen University & Research and the Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics (DINALOG). This collaborative effort aims to create a community of companies, knowledge institutes, NGOs and government organizations with expertise and experience in the postharvest supply chain management. Our aim is to reduce postharvest food losses and enhance food security in developing and emerging countries by stimulating Dutch stakeholders in co-operation with local governments, experts and companies to provide their experience and expertise on a mutual benefit basis.  Read more >

Our story in 3 minutes

The Postharvest Network links businesses, co-operations and governments to Dutch expertise, knowledge and products as to minimize food losses in the postharvest supply chain. In some chains, around 50% of the harvest is lost before the product even reaches the consumer. Enterprises, knowledge institutes and NGOs of Dutch origin are working in food supply chains all over the world. With global experience, we know how to implement proven solutions to reduce postharvest losses.